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- Strategic Planning
- Market Research
- Competitive Positioning
- Customer Surveys
- Process Analysis
- Review & Budgeting
- Marketing Plan Development
- Media Planning / Ad Placement
- Sponsor Management






A minor change in positioning or strategy can make a major difference to your bottom line. As a member of your strategic planning team we are 100% focused on the Return On Investment (ROI) you receive for your marketing dollars.We help make your company and its products both easier to understand and more appealing to your target customers. We help you keep the customers you have content and scour the countryside for new prospects for your brand.


Challenge: Event owner/producer Tootie Bland charged HSMG with building the Road to the Horse brand into the horse industry's equivalent of the Super Bowl.

Solution: HSMG integrated all of our services into an unapologetic plan for media domination and ticket office success. From web site design and development to advertising, photography and graphic design, we created a targeted plan to increase brand awareness, sales and revenue. Our strategy and implementation paired with Ms. Bland's flair for entertaining a crowd successfully built Road to the Horse into a revolutionary equine industry phenomenon, while skyrocketing many of its participants to stardom. Our sponsorship management and support efforts have effectively partnered the brand with the likes of Wheaties, Western Horseman, the American Quarter Horse Association, Nutrena, Wahl and others.

Challenge: How do you make consumers passionate about a commodity purchase and at the same time foster that budding passion into larger market share?

Solution: Like many companies, Pyranha was simply too busy manufacturing and selling a great product to have much time left over for forging new markets and courting new prospects. After a strategic analysis of the brand and current market conditions, HSMG focused on a plan to make fly control more personal for every horse owner. A discipline-specific advertising strategy led the way, dovetailing gracefully with new TV spots, a revamped web site and a social networking campaign where horse owners could share their discipline-specific enthusiasm for a chance to win a bevy of branded prizes designed to get the Pyranha brand seen in "all-the-best" horsey places.

  • Marketing Plan Development - Our strategic plans are based on hard numbers and backed up by our wealth of experience, marketing "sixth sense" and ongoing performance testing. Simply put, we know what works, because we've tried (then tested/measured) most of it! By tapping into our breadth or experience you put yourself a step ahead of the competition and make sure every dollar spent in marketing is a sound investment.
  • Financial Review - though marketing is an obvious strong suit, it is not all that our strategic team can offer you. From developing 1, 3 and 5 year financial and organizational goals to routine review of your P&L, our executive consultanting team can offer a full range of operational oversight.
  • Process Review - our executive team members have extensive hands-on experience managing call centers, warehouse, shipping and manufacturing operations and can provide an objective, outside opinion on improvement to your operations.
  • Sales Analysis/Line Additions - Are you sourcing products effectively? What products could boost sales? What offers or sales promotions could improve response? Are your margins and turns appropriate for your industry? From analyzing your opportunities for growth to designing new products, we can assist you in every step of the sales and product development cycle.
  • Customer Surveys - many companies forget to ask the opinion of the most important individuals to their business - the customers! From sophisticated online polling to mail order response cards, we brainstorm what to ask, then implement the survey and analyze the resulting data. We help you cultivate the gold mine your customer's opinions and ideas represent to your growing business model.
  • Media Planning / Ad Placement - Whether your advertising budget is a $10,000 or $1 million, whether you are interested in print advertising, television, radio or internet advertising, we have the experience and contacts you need to make the most of your advertising investment. Let us plan your media strategy and we'll deliver to you a comprehensive schedule which includes concept, content, placement and materials for each individual campaign component. After review, tweaking and approval, we'll see to it that each facet of your plan is put in place on time and that as new opportunities arise you are always able to move rapidly enough to take advantage of them.
  • Sponsor Management - Are you looking to build brand equity through event or individual sponsorship but don't know where to start? Or are you a high level competitor or personality that wants to present a professional face to potential sponsors and make sure they are well taken care of during the duration of their sponsorship? Either way, Hill Shepherd Marketing Group can help! Our executive team has experience managing sponsor relationships within the equine industry in excess of $1 Million per year. Because we have years of experience researching, evaluating and negotiating endorsee arrangements, we know in-depth what makes sponsorship beneficial and mutually fulfilling for both sponsor and endorsee.